Festivals & Events

The celebrations, concerts, choir, music, plays, services and artistic therapies all enrich the lives of everyone who lives and works at Hōhepa.

In addition to Matariki, Christmas, Easter, Waitangi and ANZAC celebrations, we also have our own Hōhepa festivals and events. One example is our annual Silent Meal where the whole community gathers to share a hushed meal of fish, bread and grapes to remember the Last Supper. While not compulsory, many staff and people we support at Hōhepa attend, and join together as a community.

All four seasons are celebrated, with our autumn festival at the farm a favourite. We also have an annual Families Weekend, with live music and dancing. Our Hōhepa community, including family members and friends, are big supporters of these get togethers.

Birthdays are eagerly anticipated, especially milestones! Celebrating these helps strengthen the sense that we each have a biography which we create.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events. Check back again soon.
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