About Us

Our vision is every life fully lived. This vision is at the core of our work as a quality provider with sustainable services, such as diverse living options, community participation, and therapies inspired by anthroposophy.

From this philosophy we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. At Hōhepa we approach each individual at their stage of being, and encourage lifelong learning paced to their physical, mental and emotional needs.

The Hōhepa mission is supportive communities, inspired by anthroposophy, that celebrate the diverse ways of being human.

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Hōhepa National Values:


Giving strength to and empowering individuals and acting with integrity.


Honouring every person’s contribution and their role within Hōhepa. Understanding the community as a space of belonging where everyone is treated respectfully and courteously.


Taking a holistic approach recognising ecological, social and economic dimensions, in the knowledge that each dimension must be considered together for sustained prosperity.

Hōhepa Canterbury Values:


We challenge the status quo and leave no stone unturned in recognising how we can best support our community.


We are open, honest, ethical and genuine.


We value our relationships and authentic connections.

“Every life fully lived”
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