Welcome to Hohepa Canterbury

Hohepa Canterbury, although part of the wider Hohepa Homes Trust Board, is semi–autonomous and thus undertakes its own strategic planning. The focus is on being a quality provider with sustainable services, such as living options, community participation, artistic therapies and agriculture.

Hohepa Canterbury supports 103 people to live fully engaged lives.  We have two main sites in Lower Cashmere and Halswell, with a combined 24 homes as well as houses situated close by in the wider community.

Administration, the Artemis Activity Centre and the Hohepa Hall all operate from the Birchfield campus, nestled at the foot of the Port Hills amidst a 4 acre setting of flowing lawns and gardens, complemented with a boundary stream and the occasional sculpture.

Nine kilometres away the Halswell Campus has the Gaia Activity Centre and residents’ hobby gardens all placed within a picturesque 40 acre farm setting.